Relationships and Personality Types

Relationships and Personaity Types ...

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Dealing with the selfish

Dealing with the selfish ...

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Brighten the corner where you are

Brighten the corner where you are ...

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Unconscious Bias

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Chicken Little and Critical Thinking

A Pre-modern Chicken Little Story Chicken Little was not quite yet a postmodern chicken. She enjoyed the freedom to express herself with her friends and sister chickens as they clucked about the barnyard. One day, Chicken Little experienced some cognitive dissonance when an object hit her on the head. Having never experienced this phenomenon, her left-brain interpreter kicked in and deduced that the sky must be falling. As she attempted to decide what to do about this impending calamity, s ...

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Dr. B on Change

Leaders who focus on the strengths of their followers and eventually make weaknesses irrelevant (Hesselbein, 2000). The enemy of any type of change has always been and continues to be a perceived lack of time and a deficit of enthusiasm, passion, and energy for transformation. Friends of change are leaders and followers who work in collaboration in a way that energy and passion are ignited by the fire of internal motivations and inclusiveness. These individuals understand the value of complex ...

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The Psychology of Personal Terror

The Psychology of Personal Terrorism – Overcoming Fear

Why are we not as inclusive as we could be? There are lots of reasons but mostly we tend to fear what we do not know and what we do not understand. We tend to fear honest discussions about gender, ethnicity and race issues because generally these issues are related to our personal fears about being exposed. The goal of terrorism is to produce abnormal fear through acts of disruption (violence) that send a high impact mes ...

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