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Healing Touch

Organizations with sound diversity and inclusion strategies frequently experience higher rates of creativity, are able to hire and retain the best and brightest talent and make product development a priority in order to stay competitive.

Yet for years — and in some circles today — the word diversity has been associated with controversial, even negatively viewed practices, such as affirmative action, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, artificial quotas, and listed as the cause of unqualified people "getting in." These arguments are rooted in our personal values, beliefs and tribalism.

Inclusion — a state or condition where differences are accepted, valued and respected — is often thought of in a more positive light despite creating many of the same effects. Employees in inclusive work environments often perform at higher levels, commit to staying longer with the organization, and are more creative and more engaged than those working in more exclusive environments. Like a safe and healthy planet that is free of toxic waste, we need safe and healthy organizations that are free of toxic attitudes and destructive behaviors.

Are you working in a toxic workplace? What do you believe should be done to "cleanup" your workplace?

Dr. B

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