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What Others Have Said . . .

    • “It is a great privilege to recommend Dr. Linda Burrs. Dr. Burrs has an extraordinary ability to strategize, coach, and deliver training in a way that significantly helps teams, individuals and organizations achieve their goals. In working with Dr. Burrs I observed her unrivaled ability to unlock individuals’ talents, and to challenge individuals and groups to dramatically improve performance.”Dr. Ross Jackson

    • “I have known Dr. Linda Burrs for about 10 years. In fact our working relationship predates her becoming Dr. Burrs and President and CEO at Step Up To Success. I first met Linda when she was the manager of sales training. Even then, she approached her responsibility with enthusiasm, energy and clear focus. Her ability to strategize, coach and deliver training was something I had not seen and even today ranks among one of the most enriching experiences I have been involved in. She approaches every task in a way that significantly helps teams, individuals and organizations achieve their goals. Today, like yesterday, her main goal is to help teams unlock their productivity and the untapped energy that is there. Throughout the years I have contracted her to help me and my teams win and reach their goals. Whether she is Linda Burrs, Manager or Dr. Burrs, President, she approaches her tasks with an endless dedication. She is a star and if your business needs an injection of enthusiasm, drive or passion for winning, she is one of the best elixirs that you could obtain…”Carlton Dyce

    • “Step Up to Success has given me the tools to be very successful in many different organizational environments. Additionally, Step Up to Success has taught me how to recognize my strengths, while enhancing my weaknesses!”Bryan Burrs

    • “I am very happy to recommend Dr. Linda Burrs. Linda facilitated a wonderfully interactive course for Reynolds and Reynolds on age generation diversity she called “Frankenstein: Meet Your Monster”. This course was part of a Diversity Week Celebration that I created for Reynolds and Reynolds which was designed to introduce various diversity-related topics to employees. Due to Linda’s excellent facilitation skills, all employees participated and learned the importance of understanding and appreciating the four age generations working in the company. I continue to use much of what I learned from Linda in other companies.”Judy Hirsch

    • “It is my pleasure to recommend Dr. Linda J. Burrs because she is the consummate professional, business and thought leader. Linda is also a very knowledgeable and dynamic Diversity and Inclusion leader who operates with high integrity and purpose as she strategizes, coaches, and delivers powerful training programs that significantly help teams, individuals and organizations achieve their goals. She has also provided sage wisdom and counsel as a key member of the Advisory Board of our Employee Resource Group. I am also happy to say that I’ve put into practice many of the lessons learned from Linda and her books in guiding my own diversity and inclusion related thinking and leadership. I would highly recommend Dr. Burrs to any organization seeking the best and most qualified individual to help them to reach their goals.”Geoff Collins
      President, African American Network (AAN)
      Employee Resource Group, Reed Elsevier (business partner)

    • “I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with Linda for many years, first as colleagues then in her role as superior coach, trainer and consultant. Linda is one of my first calls when I take on a new assignment or lead a new team. In addition to her wise personal counsel, I always retain Linda to lead a team building retreat for my new organization. Linda has a mastery of the content, and she works very well with bright, driven and skeptical professionals to help them see the world in new ways. I value my relationship with Linda and would recommend her without reservation to any business professional interested in unlocking potential.”Tim Corcoran

    • “Dr. Linda J. Burrs is a professional trainer that can transform a low-morale work environment into a quality productive work environment where employees learn to understand an respect each other. In my experience her approach fostered a team mentality within each employee and we all learned how to focus on each others professional strengths.” Erica Cain

    • “Linda is a consummate professional who keeps client needs at the forefront, and customizes presentations to meet those needs. Always insightful, Linda has the ability to draw out people’s strenghths, and help them better manage their weaknesses. Her training is second to none – Linda is always well-prepared, on-point, and has a wonderful style which draws people in and makes them feel at ease. I would give Linda my highest recommendation for any organization seeking coaching on how to achieve their goals and maximize success.” 
      Laura Zagoria
      Regional Training Manager, Lexis-Nexis

    • “Dr. Burrs has been a member of the Community Health Centers of Greater Dayton Board for two years and in that time she has shown her commitment to the mission, vision, and core values of community health centers. Linda’s corporate work and consulting experience have been a tremendous asset to the board. I can always count on Dr. Burrs to give me candid advice and feedback when needed. It is with appreciation for work well done, I highly recommend Dr. Burrs.” 

    • “I have known and worked with Linda for a good number of years. Her abilities and talent spread across several disciplines including leadership development, team development and diversity training to name a few. Her work is among the best and her communications’, training and coaching styles are top notch. You could not hire a better talent than Linda. Bill Gaffney
      Partner, Amaxa Group (business partner)

    • “Dr. Linda Burrs presents with a combination of energy and commitment that enables her to be a positive force in working with her clients. She is able to work with organizations to increase their effectiveness in areas such as diversity, teamwork, and goal achievement.” Dale Eilerman
      Owner, Conflict Solutions Ohio (business partner)

    • “Dr. Burrs has a very genuine personality which appeals to her broad audiences when presenting her expertise in diversity and inclusion. She is an extremely gifted presenter. I have thoroughly enjoyed her trainings that I have been a part of as well as the rich personal conversations I have had with her. There is never a lack of learning opportunity when communicating with her.” Jason Cobabe, MBA
      Director of Enrollment, University of Phoenix – Greater Cincinnati Campuses

    • “Too often management / sales rep coaches connect really well with either their subjects or the strategy of the company, but rarely do they get both equally well. Linda is the golden exception! She totally gets it and instills it in a wonderfully charming and effective way.”  Hans Gieskes
      President & CEO, LexisNexis (colleague)

    • “Dr. Linda Burrs is a talented instructor and communicator. She has been one of the best instructors in the formal education process who encouraged and challenged students.”Sandi Betts

    • “Dr. Burrs is the most effective, fun, charismatic and full of life instructor you will ever find. Every training session I personally attended that Dr. Burrs facilitated has been amazing. Every company Dr. Burrs has worked with gives me rave reviews from Dr. Burr’s sessions. Last comment I received from a client was: “Dr. Burrs now has a following whithin our company”. Employees attend trainings just because Dr. Burrs is facilitating and they love learning from her. Absolutely Amazing!” Karina Kogan
      Workforce Solutions Manager, University of Phoenix

    • “Dr. Linda with 3M’s Mesmerizing, Magnificent, and Magical! Linda has enough energy to light up the whole state of Ohio, she can motivate a nation, plain and simple she can have any audience dancing the workshop away!”  Jacquie Gabrielle
      Healthcare Senior CEL, Apollo Group

    • “I don’t know any other consultant who has the depth of understanding of the MBTI as Linda. She is able to make the information on the MBTI real and very helpful in understanding self and others. Her enthusiasm and commitment to learning and assisting others is truly inspiring.”  Barbara Czestochowa
      VP, Right Management

    • “I have had the pleasure of twice bringing in Dr. Burrs to work with our organization. The first was for diversity training which was delivered to our staff and board members and the second was for manager coaching and development. On both occasions Dr. Burrs brought energy of excitement and leadership to all involved. Dr. Burrs is direct in her delivery and gives everyone a fair evaluation of their skills and abilities. I would highly recommend her. You will not be disappointed with her results. Marc Bellisario
      CEO Primary Health Solutions, Inc.” Pat Bennett

    • “I have partnered with Linda to address organizational effectiveness within teams. She worked with me on a project that others thought would be impossible to deliver and helped me provide excellent/valuable results. This project involved about 100 clients and Linda helped design and deliver a day-long session resulting in a 4-5 rating with 1 being the lowest. Linda took an ambiguous and complex project and turned it into something the client could embrace and value. She helped deliver strategies that my client could use to drive better services and streamline processes. This also included techniques on how to collaborate more effectively through the understanding of personality styles and work dynamics. Linda is also a board member of an organization that I partner with from time to time. In this role she has been insightful in directing the group on how to manage through organizational dynamics while leveraging the expertise and resources of executive leadership.” Tracy Bennett
      VP, Human Resources