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Healing Touch

A Pre-modern Chicken Little Story Chicken Little was not quite yet a postmodern chicken. She enjoyed the freedom to express herself with her friends and sister chickens as they clucked about the barnyard. One day, Chicken Little experienced some cognitive dissonance when an object hit her on the head. Having never experienced this phenomenon, her left-brain interpreter kicked in and deduced that the sky must be falling. As she attempted to decide what to do about this impending calamity, she felt it was most important to share with those around her, what she believed was happening. Based on the best empirical evidence available to her at that time, Chicken Little had deduced the sky was falling. Chicken Little spread her theory of the falling sky to everyone she met; Henny Penny, Ducky Lucky, Goosey Loosey, Turkey Lurkey and Foxy Loxy. For the philosophers of the time, this need to share her worldview with so many might be interpreted as her attempting to seek confirmation from others. For Chicken Little, this event had to be as she thought. She had heard it and even felt part of the sky hit her head. In order to help her overcome her psychological and physical discomfort, she thought she needed to warn the king so that he would be able to get the situation rectified and return her world to normal or at least save her from certain doom. Chicken Little's premonition of destruction was substantiated in the end, but not because they sky was falling. Now, had Chicken Little applied some of the principles of critical thinking, she might have asked herself the following questions in an attempt to examine the facts as they were presented to determine if indeed the sky as initially supposed, was falling. She really needed to understand the real problem.

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