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Dr. B’s Online School of Executive Coaching

After 30 years of teaching and coaching individuals to their potential, I am bringing these successful coaching techniques and strategies to you in my Dr. B’s School of Executive Coaching. It has always been my life’s vision to be the difference that makes a difference in people’s lives. I continue to live out my vision through those who are looking for strategies, support, and encouragement to become the very best version of themselves by living up to all of their potential. I believe everyone is born with a purpose and I want to help you find, own, and live in yours. I firmly believe everyone deserves to live and do what they were genuinely born to do. There is no better feeling in the world than to wake up every day doing work you love. Join me and we will walk this journey together. You can do this!

Hi. I’m Dr. Linda Burrs. This is a quick message from me to you about an exciting online course available for you right now. As some know, I have been an executive coach for more than 30 years. That’s a lot of experience working with executives, teams, and individuals across multiple industries. I am pleased to present the Ikigai: A journey into your purpose, a learning experience for those who want or maybe even need guidance for finding and living their purpose. Some may know what they were born to do but have not been able to do anything about it, until now. If you are ready to move forward in life by working in a job where you feel valued, you enjoy the work, or you feel you are doing work you were born to do, then this course is for you. It is more than possible for you to do work you LOVE.