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Healing Touch

Teamwork & Teambuilding Skills

Increasing Personal and Team Effectiveness

With all of the challenges firms face everyday, it is critical that teams work as effectively together as possible. This workshop uses the MBTI® (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) as the first step in assisting individuals in understanding themselves and appreciating the contributions and gifts of others. Continued and progressive benefits of using the MBTI® as a tool is that it crosses all levels of the organization resulting in increased performance and success.

FLEX Talk®

How do I keep the lines of communication open with my teammates and manager? How do I speak in a language where I will be understood and at the same time influence others in a manner appealing to them, are questions that will be answered in this workshop. Facilitation, experiential exercises and role-plays provide hands on experience using real life scenarios.

New Manager Assimilation Session

Teams don’t choose their managers, and many times managers don’t choose their teams. When a new manager is appointed for a team, often it can take months to get through the “get to know you” phase. The New Manager Assimilation Process is designed to assist the manager and the team in learning how to work together. Taking the time to have this session upfront helps ensure that the new manager and team become productive immediately.

Firo-Element B® Seminar

One of the most significant challenges for individuals and groups today is how to manage the varying human elements for effective team learning. This powerful tool is used for understanding and improving human relations. The Firo-Element B seminar focuses on human wants around three interpersonal behaviors: Inclusion, Control, and Openness. This includes experiential data on how these behaviors impact individual and team performance, an understanding how and why conflict may arise in working with team members, and key elements on how to improve overall team performance.

Communication Wheel® Workshop

We spend 70% of our waking hours communicating in some form. People see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear. As communication takes place, we fill in what we think others mean or what we think we have heard. In this workshop participants learn how to identify language styles, problems to communication, and solutions to deal effectively with our differences. You will become more self-aware of your own communication language or style and will be more aware of others’ language styles.