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Healing Touch

Sales, Marketing & Customer Service

Basic Sales Training

This 2 day workshop uses the combined benefits of the consultative sales process and how to become the professional sales consultant. This workshop begins with the basics of cold calling, appointment setting and handling objections and then moves into the more advanced skills of how to participate in the role of a consultative sales person. Workshops are custom designed to your firm’s products or services. There will be plenty of role-plays to augment training.

FLEX Selling®

This is an advanced sales training program that moves beyond traditional sales programs. This behavioral model instructs and guides reps in understanding how to “flex” their own personal selling style to that of their customer’s preferred approach. Using the framework of the MBTI®, attendees will receive concrete strategies for improving customer and client relationships and increase sales effectiveness.

Creating Excellence in Customer Service

Answering a phone is simple.providing outstanding customer service is a bit more of a challenge. How do you handle the irate customer so that they leave the call feeling heard? How do you turn a complaint into a meaningful call? What does the tone of your voice suggest? What can be done after the call to ensure total customer satisfaction? Does what you say and do reflect the company vision and strategy? This workshop trains call center and customer service telephone reps how to increase effectiveness in their conversations and therefore represent the corporate vision in a more meaningful way.

Law Firm Client Development

In today’s legal environment, firms can no longer rely on a few seasoned rainmakers to develop new business. In order for the law firm to prosper, every attorney in the firm must attract new business from new clients and from former and current clients. Step Up to Success! offers a two day workshop designed to take the mystery out of “mistmaking” and provides tools and systems that will accelerate the ability of your law associates and partners to develop new contacts and to turn those contacts into firm business.

This two-day workshop is presented in three parts: 1) Understanding the elements of law firm business development, 2) Increasing attorney business development skills through better Understanding of Yourself and Others, and 3) Creating an ongoing System for law firm Business Development.