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A Smart Business Guide to Creating a Sustainable Diversity and Inclusion Program By Dr. Linda Burrs

Read Book EndorsementsCB049351Buy NowThe Fruits of InclusionA Smart Business Guide to Creating a Sustainable Diversity and Inclusion ProgramDr. Linda Burrs · January 2008
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Have you ever wished you had an exceptional resource to help you with the strategic development of a sustainable diversity and inclusion program . . . Well your wish has come true!

Based on the values and principles of Second Generation Diversity Training™ (SGDT™) this book walks the reader through the process for designing a diversity and inclusion program that really can work. The four phases the reader explores are:

Second Generation Diversity Training™ (SGDT) is a blame-free, shame-free, guilt-free approach to diversity training that brings solutions into focus. If you want employees waking up WANTING to come to work versus HAVING to come to work, then you will want to consider Second Generation Diversity Training™ for your organization. The Fruits of Inclusion™ will help you create cultures of excellence through the transformative influence of inclusive practices.

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